There are a couple of ways in which you can help the campaign:

We finished paying off the massive cost of the inquiry - tens of thousands in fees for legal representation and expert witnesses – at the beginning of 2010, thanks to tireless fundraising by the Westbury Bypass Alliance, CPRE, the A36/A350 Corridor Alliance and hundreds of supporters in Wiltshire and all over the country. But the battle is not over. The extraordinary landscape and the endangered wildlife you helped us save are still at risk. They still have no legal designation to protect them from roads and other development. The White Horse Alliance has launched a Landscape Fund to help us pay for a professional ‘landscape character assessment’. And there is still much work to do if we are to ensure that the dormice and rare bats of the Wellhead Valley receive the strict protection they are supposed to enjoy under European biodiversity law. We'd be delighted to receive your contributions towards these costs.

Please send cheques made out to 'A36/A350 Corridor Alliance’ to:

Patrick Kinnersly
White Horse Alliance
C/o Bramfield, Slab Lane
West Wellow,
SO51 6BY